The Wargny Katz group organizes its development

The Wargny Katz group has set up a new management team and launches a subsidiary named Matignon Notaires.


Wargny Katz turns a page : Alain Katz left 4 years ago, now, Hubert Wargny co-founder of WK is leaving the front line to pass on the torch to his 6 partners. For WK it is the end of a transition period marked by the organization of the departure of the 2 founders and the writing of a new page for Wargny Katz characterized by both continuity and renewal. “Continuity, based on 4 values which are the bedrock of WK  : independance, involvement, open mindedness, readiness for change but above all renewal with the arrival of 2 new partners : Violette Théret (36) trained by WK and Samuel Champeaux (37) first partner to have come from another office, and in charge of real estate development for WK ; and the choice of Stéphane Carlier and Nicolas Masseline as Managing Partners and the creation of the Matignon Notaires subsidiary” comments the press release.

Hubert Wargny declares being very confident in the qualities and expertise of the 6 partners allowing them to continue the work initiated more than 20 years ago. “I am happy to pass on to the current generation a well-established and respected office which is forward looking, united and feeling strongly about intangible values. With Justine N’Diaye, Marc Paturel, Nicolas Masseline, Stéphane Carlier, Violette Théret et Samuel Champeaux, the office is in safe hands. The 6 partners form a team which I am proud of”. Justine N’Diaye, first partner to join the founders, more than 15 years ago, specifies : “I would like to commend Hubert Wargny’s carrier and the incredible entrepreneurial adventure he is leaving us to carry forward. I know that with all the teams we will take care of the WK spirit and values which define us.” Concerning the new managing team, Hubert Wargny adds : “Stéphane Carlier et Nicolas Masseline are two outstanding notaries who will know how to lead Wargny Katz in the complex environment which is awaiting us”.

New role for Hubert Wargny

Hubert Wargny will keep a role within WK, as Senior Advisor. This new role wanted by the partners is welcomed by Nicolas Masseline who comments : “we are very happy to be able to continue to count on Hubert’s experience and expertise. He will stay with us to advise us in our strategic orientations. We wish to follow the path that was set before us and to bring any necessary innovation to help us face tomorrow’s challenges”.

Matignon Notaire, a new space

In 2021, the Wargny Katz group has decided to expand with the creation of its subsidiary Matignon Notaires. Stéphane Carlier specifies in this respect : “With 4 partners and around 10 associates, Matignon Notaires’ start is very promising. They will extend and strengthen the activities of WK group by offering an adapted and specific organisation for its private clients who will be advised by Chrystel Mignard-Scotti and Isabelle Bem while institutional clients will be guided by Alexandra Lepetit and Sabrina Passemard”.  Marc Paturel concludes. “We are very happy to have promoted to the position of Partners of our subsidiary 4 profiles that come from WK’s ranks. The creation of this subsidiary symbolizes Wargny Katz’ spirit which is always adapting to its clients’ requests to place them at the very center of its activities.”